Data Logger

High modularity: easy to configure for each specific
  application; management of a large number of
   instruments (analysers, sensors, etc.) and
Windows CE® embedded ensures compatibility with
   most widespread network standards (TCP/IP, FTP,
   SMTP, POP3, HTTP, etc.) and interfaces (Ethernet,
   USB, ecc.).
High flexibility of interconnection with sensors through
   RS485, RS232, SDI-12, 1-Wire, CAN-Bus
Development environment: Visual Studio (Visual
Remote control (firmware and configuration
Wide data storage and capacity.

DA 15K series data logger is a local management DCP suitable for meteorological and environmental applications; it can be directly interfaced to meteorological sensors, analysers, chemical-physical probes, actuators, etc… DA 15K has been designed to allow maximum flexibility in data acquisition, processing and transmission both in stand alone (single unit) or network configuration. Open and modular architecture of DA15K, along with manufacturing and assembling procedures, allows a wide range of application both in term of ease of use, configure and manage or future expandability.


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